By dramatically shifting the traditional relationship between sound performance, size and weight, Heartmotion® revolutionizes speaker design, and opens-up entirely new form factors and application opportunities.

To inspire your imagination, we have created the following examples demonstrating the groundbreaking features and benefits of this new technology.


Heartmotion® removes the need for a separate subwoofer. Get all the bass and spatial surround sound from 'just' the soundbar.


Subtle appearance, immense sound. With a 1.5” Full-range Heartmotion® driver, a ‘hocky puck’ sized speaker will replace the most popular home audio products without compromising sound performance.


Filling the room with uncompromising sound, without taking up a lot of space. The biggest sound will now fit on a shelf, a kitchen table, and many other places where a conventional speaker would not.


Free-up more than 20L of space inside the car's doors, trunk and underneath the seats. Replacing conventional 8 inch woofers with 3.5 inch Heartmotion® woofers creates space and prevents car doors from rattling. Heartmotion's self-balancing behaviour - solves a major problem in the automotive industry.


Heartmotion® fundamentally changes the trade-off between battery life, bass output, and size. Make the speaker 10x smaller without sacrificing bass output, or make it 3x smaller, and double the battery life.


Heartmotion® brings pro-audio to the next stage. 5x smaller and lighter speakers are easier to place at strategic spots and more convenient to transport from A to B. The reduction in setup time, transport cost and storage space means a revolution in the Pro Audio market.

Economies of scale

Because Heartmotion® is so compact and self-balancing, you no longer need to design products constrained by conventional bulky speakers, offering you significant savings on materials, manufacturing, packaging, shipping and retailing. In addition, Heartmotion® requires less power to comparable output in the same size, so offers meaningful reductions in energy consumption for your consumers.