A mechanical marvel

the world’s first fully balanced dual membrane driver technology represents a revolution in transducer technology. This breakthrough affords order-of-magnitude improvements in key measures such as maximum output, size, weight and flexibility.

With over 50 patents and patent applications, several model rights, and an immense library of know-how Heartmotion is ready to fundamentally change the audio industry.

Sound up, size down

Any size Heartmotion driver can be compared to a much larger driver when it comes to maximum sound pressure level. A 3.5 inch diameter Heartmotion driver has the same output as a conventional 8 inch diameter driver. A 1.5 inch Heartmotion driver has the same output as a conventional 3.5 inch. It's all because of incredibly high air displacement (membrane excursion x membrane areas).

The first self-balancing driver

Conventional drivers are not self-balanced. This means that they will inherently make speakers shake (which is often countered by adding weight to the speaker, or using multiple drivers). Heartmotion® is the world’s first self balancing driver tech, allowing lightweight audio systems that do not shake - solving a major problem in the audio industry.

Directivity flexibility

For maximum design flexibility, Heartmotion® comes with three air displacement variations. Dual firing, Front Side firing, and Front firing. In order to redirect the air, Mayht developed the Heartmotion Duct to redirect air displacement of one or both membranes.

Air pressure issue solved

In free air, there is very little air pressure working against the movement of a driver membrane. The struggle for conventional drivers begin when they are placed in an enclosure: the air pressure prevents the membrane from making high excursions - resulting in a high amplifier power need in order to get bass out of the speaker.

Small yet mighty

Heartmotion® drivers are developed especially to work at their optimum in compact form factors. The enclosure around the Heartmotion® driver can be over 10x smaller than a conventional driver’s enclosure - while the Heartmotion® driver does not need more amplifier power to overcome the high air pressure inside the enclosure. Heartmotion drivers have the highest bass sensitivity ever, compared to any driver in the same enclosure size.

Less weight, more sound

Big sound fitting in the most light weight package. Any size Heartmotion® driver is on average 5x lighter than a conventional driver with the same maximum output.

Vital measurements

All Heartmotion® technology claims are measured with industry standard equipment and procedures. All findings are available upon request, and include:- Extremely low THD at high output - even in small enclosures- Perfectly symmetrical and flat BL due to the Heartmotion® magnet system- Perfectly symmetrical and flat Kms due to the Heartmotion® spider leg suspension.

All data is available for b-to-b customers under NDA upon request.