Working at Mayht

At Mayht we have the most dedicated overcomers of mechanical, acoustical and electrical challenges you'll ever meet. The engineers are complemented by the teams around them to keep their work on the incredibly high level of quality that is achieved every day.

Read something about a part of our team below, and apply through the button.

Onno Steenhuis
Onno studied Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft, and is responsible for several development projects within Mayht. Through CAD development, and lab testing he supports the company in achieving all R&D related goals.
Job Koreman
Bridging engineering and design, I showcase our technology with unique concept products and prepare our products for mass application by the audio market. MAYHT as a company is a unique environment to work in, both exhilarated and focused, to deliver the greatest shock to the audio industry in decades.
Naphur van Apeldoorn
We are not just working on a new driver, we are building a new foundation for future speakers. With my background in both mechanical engineering and deep learning, I am pulling this future technology into the present. We strive to improve your experience of sound.
Sanjit G. Shankar
I joined the team as a simulations & mechanical engineer. By simulating parts and assemblies of the driver technology, I support all kinds of development projects within the company. Combining these simulations with rapid prototyping processes, we have turbocharged product development at Mayht. I had never really understood the fuss about "extra bass" in audio marketing. Listening to Heartmotion drivers has definitely changed that!
Maciej Waskiewicz
I am an Electrical Development Engineer here at Mayht. What I enjoy the most is developing whole devices from scratch, which is precisely what we do here. My favorite things about working at Mayht are the team, the atmosphere in the office is simply the best, and the technology we develop: it's awesome!
Lars Wouterse
I really enjoy how all the hours of design, trial-and-error, assembling and debugging directly translate to an amazing sound coming from the speaker you just built. It feels so rewarding!
Thomas Hofs
Bastiaan van Biezen
Ho Yeung Tom
Shadab Eftekhar
I am a graduate of bachelor of Aerospace Engineering from TU Delft. I joined Mayht in April as a Prototyping Engineer. So far it has been really fun working here. I am learning new things almost everyday and get to apply my engineering knowledge. I am a part of the quality control team which means we get to test our product that requires a lot of hand-on work. I also use CAD for designing different components that we need. My workdays are never the same. The work atmosphere is great and everyone is passionate about what they're doing.
Andrei Kozhevnikov
After some years of mostly academic related career I decided that now it is time to apply my knowledge to a more practical oriented work. That is why I joined Mayht as a development engineer. The most impressive part of working at Mayht is how fast products are evolving during the development process. Starting from a basic sketch on Monday we might already test a lighter, more powerful and higher sound quality driver on Friday. To keep up such a high pace I use numerical modeling tools and directly implement their results into prototyping. I believe that together with a super enthusiastic team we will change the world of speaker technology!
Pedro Quesada Allerhand
As a development engineer at Mayht Technologies, no day is the same as I continuously face some of the most unique and exciting engineering challenges.  Through my combined expertise in prototyping, computational simulations and numerical optimization, I help our team bring drivers from the drawing board into the real world as fully functional products. The combination of lightning-paced development and a friendly atmosphere makes working at Mayht a unique and thoroughly enjoyable experience!
Angelien Koghee
Ruben Molendijk
When I started my internship at Mayht, I did not know what to expect. I had little to no work experience, but plenty of motivation especially after hearing the quality of our speakers for the first time. With the support of the very international team and with the confidence placed in me by the executive team, I learned fast and was able to contribute as a full member of the team. It's amazing to see all these incredibly smart and positive people working together to be the absolute top! Mayht has brought out the very best in me.
Dave de Boer
Remi David Koster
As a self-employed electronics engineer I work for companies large and small, from flying cars to magic shows, but I've never worked somewhere with the energy and drive I've found at Mayht! I'm amazed by the team and their iteration speed working on such a complex technology, and am glad to be able to contribute to its development.
Tobias Roest
As both a musician and an engineer, I love to combine my interest in new & disruptive technologies with my passion for music. At Mayht, I get to do exactly this: working on the future of listening with a team of like-minded people!
Simon van Gemert
I am a multidisciplinary engineer, and highly skilled in mechatronics. I support the team in hardware – and software tech development. It's amazing to grow my skills with the team, and work on a technology that is the first significant development in transducers for the past 100 years.